Original Driiven E-Moulton

Premium Electric Urban Bike Including Brooks Saddle and Grips –

Generation 2 Motor Now Available!

Handcrafted in England the E-Moulton is the perfect bike for riders seeking maximum performance in an urban environment, – some have likened it to driving an Aston Martin. Alongside comfort and exceptional portability with a frame that instantly adjusts to changing field conditions and can be easily folded for storage purposes. The combination with the original Driiven Generation 2 E-Solution results in a unique electric bike, which maximizes rider comfort and efficiency while providing a perfect balance of both battery and rider’s capabilities.

Rear Wheel Drive

The biggest advantage to rear wheel drive is that it spreads loads of the bike across both wheels. The rear wheel does the pushing while the front wheel is reserved for the steering duties. On a front wheel drive the front wheel must perform both functions.

RWD acceleration is better from a stop. A bike’s weight shifts to the rear part at the time of acceleration from a stop, which puts extra weight to the rear. As a result, the overweight increases the traction of the tires and promotes faster acceleration.

Better balance = better handling around corners and curves particularly at faster speeds

→ Provides the rider with better traction
→ Increases safety and stability
→ Does not affect the unique Moulton ride experience

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Unique Suspension - Front

The Flexitor® front suspension system utilizes rubber in torsion, eliminating lubrication, wear, and ‘stiction’. This provides unparalleled shock isolation and a uniquely silky ride.

Unique Suspension - Rear

Full suspension is a fundamental feature of all Moulton bicycles. The Hydrolastic® suspension on the New Series Moultons features a rubber spring with adjustable fluid damping.

Lower Rolling Resistance

Small wheels with high pressure tyres have been integral to the Moulton design from the beginning. The combination of the lower rolling resistance of high pressure tyres and the lower aerodynamic drag of small wheels, allows the bicycle to go faster with less effort.