Use a Dry Patch® Velo Seat Cover instead of reaching for a shower cap, plastic bag or a crisp wrapper to keep your bum dry when you’ve got a soaking wet saddle.


The unique Velo Seat Cover is 100% waterproof and designed to fit any bicycle seat.

The Dry Patch® 3 layer design provides comfort and grip alongside that all-important wet bum protection.

The bottom layer of Chamois soaks up water whilst gripping the seat. The middle layer of medical-grade silicone creates an impenetrable barrier between your rear and the water, and the leather top provides a comfortable feel and fashionable look. And the handy carry bag and carabiner means you can clip it to just about anything!

Best Ebikes

  • 100% waterproofing.
  • Handmade workmanship.
  • Top quality synthetic leather.
  • Medical grade silicone.
  • Real Chamois grips saddle.
  • Elasticated straps Velcro around the front of your  seat.
  • Lightweight, small and durable.
  • The 18cm case has a carabiner! (the case will bend and squash with the seat cover in it).
  • Added comfort and padding.
  • Fits all bicycle seats.
  • Does not contain nuts.

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