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Change the Way You Ride with the Smart, Fast and Reliable Driiven Powered eBrompton Folding Bike

The eBrompton pre-installed with the original Driiven premium hub is a rear drive electric bike, without compromising on its style and beauty. It is installed with a motor regenerative brake technology (KERS) system that is often used by F1 cars – meaning that every time you brake, go downhill or pedal backwards you send energy back to the intelligent hub to keep you moving for maximum efficiency. Like all Humancycle premium foldable bikes, it folds down quickly and easily so you can dash onto a train or store it in the boot of your car or under your desk. It is the smart, fast, and reliable way to get around and beat traffic. Designed for comfortable riding and features an intelligent pedal assist that gives the cyclist that extra push when you need it, making riding up hill or longer journeys effortless.

Bluetooth connectivity allows you to effortlessly connect your IOS or Android smartphone to Original Driiven device for simplicity and ease of use – select your assistance level


Legal and Safety Regulations

The eBrompton pre-installed with the lightweight original Driiven Kit designed by our skilled designers and engineers to comply with all strict legal and safety regulations and meets both higher mechanical and electrical standards necessary.


When you need to fold and go..

The Zehus ‘all in one’ hub makes the folding mechanism on any folding cycle as easy and intuitive as ever, folding as a single unit without the need to remove any external batteries.


One of the lightest, most compact and advanced intelligent eSolutions on the planet.

Just weighing in at 3KG the 180mm x120mm hub has a battery capacity of 160w and the highest energy/weight ratio on the planet – Using the KERS regenerative system often used by formula one cars, means every time you brake, go downhill or pedal backwards you send energy back to the intelligent hub to keep you moving for maximum efficiency.

Design and Aesthetics

The Driiven eSolution range are an ‘all in one’ hub specially designed to beautifully enhance any bicycle not just aesthetically but your ride experience as well. Many have even likened it to driving an Aston Martin if it could be a car.

Oozing with everything you need the tiny and elegant brushless motor rear hub is packed full with tech – Sensors, electronics and compact regenerative batteries to keep you moving for longer.

Rear Wheel Drive

The biggest advantage to rear wheel drive is that it spreads loads of the bike across both wheels. The rear wheel does the pushing while the front wheel is reserved for the steering duties. On a front wheel drive the front wheel must perform both functions.

RWD acceleration is better from a stop. A bike’s weight shifts to the rear part at the time of acceleration from a stop, which puts extra weight to the rear. As a result, the overweight increases the traction of the tires and promotes faster acceleration.

Better balance = better handling around corners and curves particularly at faster speeds

→ Provides the rider with better traction
→ Increases safety and stability
→ Enhance your ride experience

All In One Generation 2

Revolutionary. Again.

It looks the same, but it is much more than that.

Yes, we were able to improve our all-in-one system without changing its appearance. The new heart of our all in one is more efficient than ever, increasing the range. Now you will be capable to ride at least 40km with the strongest power mode. Our motor is smoother and stronger, as the torque was increased by 50%. Our new generation hub is also updated Over the Air. You will always have the latest firmware available to download. Bluetooth 5.1 makes your bike a wearable device.


All in One

Bike all in one is the basic version of Zehus all in one products. It features smartphone connection, customizable power modes and remote online diagnostics. Thanks to the accurate choice of the components, it offers great value for money.


All in One. Cassette

With the cassette option, BIKE all in one is more versatile than ever. You can explore further terrains thanks to the range of gears without compromising the design of your e-bike.

Bike + Technology

Our know-how at its best

BIKE+ is the first and only pedal assisted bike that doesn’t need to be recharged. Thanks to a smart Kinetic Energy Recuperation System (KERS), BIKE+ optimize your energy reducing the fatigue up to 40%. With BIKE+ technology it is now possible to build a real maintenance free hybrid bike, that is perfect for shared systems. With Bitride App, it will give you the full package (kit) that allows you to create a – flexible sharing system.

Remote Controller

All you need. In your hands.

The new remote controller allows you to:

  1. turn on/off the bike without having to take your hands off the handlebar
  2. change power modes on the go
  3. active Boost or KERS (Kinetic Energy Recuperation System)
  4. check the battery state of charge
    monitor motor power

Remote Support

Simply the perfect t for your remote.

We developed this support thanks to an ergonomic study to guarantee the perfect positions for the remote to be used on your bike.

Bitride Connect App

Connected. For real.

Bitride Connect is an intelligent control centre that can be used for navigation (the dashboard shows the most important riding data) and connection to other new services. Customize your power modes, try our new Active Electric Lock System and access to customer care services. Change your ride, change your world!

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